•Miracles• is a strong pop song that speaks about the power of walking away from anything that is toxic.

Though lyrics are fun, and at times are vengeful, this song calls to action, and self love, while speaks about overcoming personal battles, and growing self confidence out of any circumstances.

Never letting anyone fool you twice, or make you doubt who you are. Forgive but don't forget-is the ultimate inspirational vision that was considered while writing this song.

Michelle Shapa is a talented singer and a songwriter with a passion for writing sensual melodies. Originally from Eastern Europe and Israel but now based in Switzerland, Michelle has been developing a truly unique sound combining stunning melodies with infectious grooves, and touching lyrics. Her edgy, dark, yet catchy songs are a great example of her sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for this artist, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined

Michelle Shapa is quickly gaining momentum with her release titled • LOVER • and her upcoming release • LET IT GO • both with grammy award winning producer/DJ David Morales and projects such as • MIND GAMES •, • EVERLASTING • and • HURT •

Michelle clearly has no bounds when it comes to music. She has passion and a sense of style which clearly defines her as an artist who is not afraid of pushing her boundaries

I'm Michelle Shapa and I quit my banker job to follow my dream!
For years, I worked in a top private banker position (with a boring 9am to 5pm life) and this was just not doing it for me. Therefore I had to leave it behind so I could live of my passion for music, song writing and creation!
I’ve been writing songs since I was 12, but with time there were so many things I HAD to do - (graduate with 3 degrees in management, find a job to support me). My passion had to become a «professional hobby» with a hope in my heart that «one day» it will somehow become my reality.
When I turned 30 I realized that the decision between «one day, or day one» is entirely up to me and very much depends on having the guts and grit to really believe in myself and give it all I have to make it happen. This is the day I made a choice to live and do what makes me happy every day-and that is writing my music, performing, and sharing it with you all.
Everyday I go through a creative process of writing new content, I travel the world to work with different producers and talents from everywhere! Some of them are top producers (such as David Morales, a grammy award winner DJ/producer) and some are less known but surely not less talented.
I want to thank you for being here and being a part of my journey. I hope my story and my music will inspire you to never be afraid and always fight for what makes you happy
Hey there!
• Mind Games •
• Everlasting •
Hurt (hebrew version)
Lover (David Morales production)
• Miracles •
• Let it go •
Deep House featuring Projects
• Surrender •
• Rush of love •
Come with me
Come with me (Vinyla remix)
• Tell me • (Trick & Treat - MoD Remix)
• Hurt • (Dreamers Inc remix)
Coming soon
• I bite •
• Burn •
• Better •
• IWO •
• I see U •
• Miracles •
I wrote the lyrics and melody in 2017, when I was trying to get out of a toxic relationship with someone who wouldn’t let me move on. I was teaming up with different producers, but no one could create the musical vision I had for the song. A year later, I teamed up with a music producer based in Germany, Vitalie Chian,whom I knew from back in the day. We lost touch for almost 10 years so it took me a while to find him, but I was confident that he would be perfect for this song.
We finalized the song remotely and he produced a completely
fresh sound to it. We then decided to keep the song simple and
clean (a lead and few harmonies), so the energy of it could speak for itself
Mind Games was inspired by the darkness and the intrigue of relationships. Today-love is a game full of excitement for a lot of people, and it became more about « winning » than genuinely loving your other half. Its about wanting and being able to have the other person do whatever you want them to, no matter the cost.
• Mind games • is a mix of seduction and manipulation
• Mind Games •
• Everlasting •
The strong name for the song, implies love that will be there forever, however, the story unfolds the memory of a summer short romance and the reminisce about it build up on hope to make something temporary last. I wrote the song to emphasis the contrast between the memory, that is everlasting as opposed to the real world where people grow apart
• Lover •
• Lover • is a first collaboration with the grammy award winner, the legend- David Morales. This hypnotic, uplifting house music with afro house tunes was played in biggest clubs all over the world and has 5 mixes in the package
Michelle Shapa
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